Saturday, October 11, 2014

This mural makes people do crazy things!

This past week a guy pulled up to the mural and parked his semi-truck in the middle of Washington Avenue...

Kevin Ray Adams ran into our Navasota legacy and stopped dead in his tracks! But he was driving a huge truck!

He was so full of questions and information that I think I just stood confused at first. Then he explained that he was a musician... then everything made sense. He told of the Texas Music Museum in Irving, and his father in law "the BIG BOPPER." That's when I realized this fellow was no ordinary truck driver. Kevin is a ring-tailed tooter and lives in Katy... but he performs all over the place and loves country music. And from the sound of things, he is very well connected in the entertainment business. I'm so glad he found the mural, got his photographs, and did not get stopped by the police! Come back and see us Kevin when you are not driving that monster!

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