"Smiling" Jerry Jericho-

Painted by Russell Cushman

 Jerry Jericho lived most of his life in Millican, Texas, and is probably the most famous recording artist to come out of Brazos County. Even as a kid he made a name for himself singing, and the Grimes County Commissioners Court once purchased a pair of cowboy boots for him.

Jerry traveled and performed all over Texas, often appearing with Hank Williams, Ernest Tubb or Willie Nelson. He recorded many songs, mostly singles on 78's, with Ben Christian. He never had a big hit, but his music was popular in Texas and he certainly encouraged his nephew, Johnny Bush Shinn to perform. And in some ways taught Bush how to make it in the business... or maybe how NOT to make it...

Jerry Jericho ushers rockabilly into western swing with What Right Have I?

Jericho sings When I'm Gone:

Jerry, with You Tube, you'll never be gone!

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